Bed Bug Treatment in Mumbai

Bed bugs are very dangerous and challenging pests. It is very difficult to get rid of them once they infest the house or premises. Bed bugs removal requires special training and knowledge for effective treatment.

It is advisable to seek professional assistance if you wish to solve the bed bug problem on your premises. Roshan Pest Control offers the most effective bed bug treatment in Mumbai.

Our well-experienced technicians are trained to identify the signs of bed bug infestation. They can help detect the infestation at the earliest and stop it from spreading rapidly.

bed bug treatment

What are Bed Bugs? How are they harmful?

Bed bugs are wingless and flat bloodsucking insects. They are small in size, generally, less than 7mm in length having long antennas.

Bed Bugs are parasites that feed on our blood, resulting in extreme itching which can give us sleepless nights. They also attack furniture, beds, mattresses etc. and damage them.

Their infestation begins generally in the bedrooms, spreading fast to other parts of the house. Having bedbugs in the house can be very risky for everyone especially children.

Female bed bugs can lay up to five eggs each day and up to 200 to 500 eggs in their lifetime. At normal room temperatures and sufficient blood to suck on, bed bugs have a life of almost 300 days. They are nocturnal insects and they harbour themselves in cracks and crevices of furniture and bed linen and mattresses.

How to identify a bed bug infestation?

Are you experiencing burning and itching on the skin and see raised, red welts on it, they can be marks of bed bug bites. Marks of blood on the bedsheets and linen can also be an indication of a bed bug infestation in your room. Bed bug faecal matter leaves stains on fabric, so if you notice these stains on your bed sheets or linen, there may be bed bug infestation. Roshan Pest Control is one of the best bed bug treatment providers in Mumbai.

Our highly efficient, trained team can help analyse and find out the reason behind the infestation. We can offer you the best solution to eliminate bed bugs permanently. We provide affordable bed bug pest control services using the best insecticides.

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Bed bug treatment from Roshan Pest Control

  • Our team will scrutinize the whole premise methodically checking each and every nook and corner, especially places like beds, mattresses, pillows, linen, sofa chairs etc.
  • An insecticidal spray is then monitored to all cracks and crevices in furniture, bed joints and other furniture. Mattress, bedding and creases are treated with a light spray.
  • In the first treatment, the bed bugs are terminated however since the bed bug eggs are not affected by the insecticide spray, a second bed bug treatment is followed up after a period of two weeks to control the new hatchlings.
  • We use government approved chemicals that are safe and effective. They act fast and provide instant relief.
  • Our teams are available even at short notice for heavy infestations which need urgent action.

We are the best pest control services in Mumbai, having a sufficient skillset and awareness about various pest control services. We can provide bed bugs removal services for residences, offices, hospitals, hotels etc.

After a primary inspection of the premises, we provide a thorough treatment that is undertaken to take care of all life stages of the bed bugs.

Benefits of our bed bug pest control services:

Our bed bugs pest control service is highly effective and will eliminate the infestation of bed bugs on your property. We will ensure that post-treatment no bed bugs are found in the infected places and you have a complete bed bug free environment.

Our Services and Warranty:

Roshan Pest Control offers 2 plans for bed bugs treatment. Depending on the severity of infestation you can avail one of the services for your premises.

  • Our 45 Days service includes 2 services within the time period. An interval of 15 days is required between 2 services. The 45 Days Service plan offers a protection warranty of up to 6 months.
  • Our 90 Days service includes 4 services within the time period. An interval of 15 days is required between 2 services. The 90 Days Service plan offers a protection warranty of up to 1 year.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can pest control kill bed bugs?
Yes, pest control can kill bed bugs and help eradicate the complete infestation. Professional bed bug exterminators can help protect your premises from bed bugs infestation.
What kills bed bugs instantly? How do you completely get rid of bed bugs?
Roshan Pest Control uses a highly effective insecticide spray to kill the bed bugs instantly. All the cracks and crevices in the furniture and bed joints along with the mattress, bedding and creases are sprayed with insecticide to eliminate the bed bugs completely.
Can you do your own pest control for bed bugs?
Bed Bugs are very small nocturnal insects that are not easily seen by the naked eye. Killing bed bugs and eradicating the infestation requires professional knowledge and access to insecticides. It is advisable to hire a professional bed bug pest control agency to help you get rid of the bed bugs infestation on your property.