The pigeon menace is a big problem in India as most people in the country believe in feeding pigeons on humanitarian or religious grounds. Pigeons are not afraid of humans and feed on grains, seeds or breadcrumbs. In this article, we will be sharing the Best Pigeon problem solutions in India.

Pigeons look innocent and people think they cannot cause any harm. However, the truth is that pigeons are actually very dirty and filthy. They are pest birds that dirty the statues, homes, and open places with their foul-smelling, sticky droppings.

Though pigeon droppings are disgusting, pigeons themselves are a huge nuisance. They damage the property, crash into the windows and break them and above all are carriers’ dangerous diseases and parasites.

Most people are not aware of pigeon borne diseases and feed them and build houses for them near their homes.

Pigeon problems and infections caused by them

The Pigeon droppings are tar-like and heavy, they are very difficult to remove. The bird droppings not only dirty the place, but they are also known to clog gutters, pipes etc. degrading the property. Having pigeons lurking around the property can be risky especially for the food or hotel industry.

Pigeons come to cities and towns to build their nests and in search of food. The suburban areas of cities filled with trash and scraps everywhere are welcoming grounds for the pigeons as they can easily find food.

The pesky pigeons are not afraid of humans and are known to invade their houses and build nests in the vents and chimneys. Once these noisy creatures build their nests in your house, they start creating a nuisance, shedding feathers and stinking bird droppings everywhere.

The nests, feathers, and droppings of the pigeons carry harmful fungus and bacteria leading to serious health problems for humans. The 3 most common diseases caused by pigeons are histoplasmosis, cryptococcosis, and psittacosis.

Histoplasmosis is a respiratory disease in which coccidia (parasite) enters the human body causing high fever, pneumonia, skin infections, fatigue along rashes.

The pigeon’s droppings contain a fungus that is inhaled by humans while cleaning the pigeon’s mess. It can be fatal for people already suffering from diseases like cancer and HIV. Pigeons are also known to carry lice and worms in their feathers.

Pigeon Problem Solutions

There are many home remedies and bird repellents that can be used to get rid of pigeons. But not all solutions are cost-effective or effective in controlling the pigeon menace. Some of the common pigeon problem solutions are:

  • Homemade Bird Repellents

Pigeons get irritated by deterrents like pepper powder or chilli solutions, you can sprinkle these spice solutions or powders around the landing areas of the pigeons to keep them away.

  • Install Bird Spikes

You can make the landing of the pigeons uncomfortable by installing bird spikes in the landing areas. The spikes can act as deterrents, forcing the pigeons to find another place to land.

  •  Ultrasonic Devices

Ultrasonic devices produce sound waves that cannot be heard by humans but are very annoying for the birds. This method is highly effective bird repellent as it does not harm the birds only annoys them, keeping them away. The pigeons will keep away from your residence due to the ultrasonic sounds.

  •  Hanging CDs or Wind Chimes

Hanged CDs or wind chimes made from CDs reflect the sunlight. This reflected light disturbs the pigeons’ as it impacts their vision.

  • Use Honey Solution

Honey can be used for obviating the pigeon problem. Spread it around the places where pigeons are known to roost. The sticky nature of honey creates an issue for pigeons to rest at one place as they dislike adhering places.

  • Rubber and Plastic Snakes

Pigeons don’t like snakes and are afraid of them. Buy some rubber or plastic snakes and place them where they are visible to the pigeons. This trick will frighten the pigeons and make them fly away.

What is the safest, cost-effective and permanent solution for pigeons?

The above-mentioned solutions can help keep the birds at bay but not all are effective. Some solutions may end up harming the birds or some are very expensive. Using bird control nets is the best pigeon problem solution in India.

The bird nets are made from a long-lasting material and are value for money. The nets restrict the birds and keep them away. They are not harmful to the pigeons in any way. The meshes in the net are around 1-1.5 inches. Once the bird control nets are installed, the birds can never enter the premises.

The nets are corrosion and rot proof, they can be easily washed with water and soap. The nets do not restrict the views from your balcony or windows nor it stops the air from passing freely through the house.

Roshan Pest Control offers customized bird netting services for your residence or commercial premises. Our team of technicians first visit the premises, understand the problem. After the inspection, we install the bird nets according to the size of windows, parapets, etc. Bird netting services from Roshan Pest Control is the best pigeon problem solution in India.