India is a tropical country, making it a breeding ground for mosquitoes. For most Indians living in a mosquito-free home is like a dream. Most households use different types of mosquito repellents for mosquito control.

However most of these mosquito repellents are heavy in chemicals and can be harmful to the residents of the house, it may lead to breathing difficulties. Mosquitoes are a nuisance and are responsible for spreading dangerous diseases like Malaria, Dengue, Zika, Yellow fever, West Nile etc.

Even if they are not the disease-spreading mosquitoes, the mosquito bites keep itching for long after the bite. The buzzing sound of the mosquitoes in the ears is annoying and can prevent a person from sleeping peacefully.

The dangers posed by mosquitoes are high and hence it is important to know how to get rid of mosquitoes. Before finding out ways to kill mosquitoes and control them let us first understand where mosquitoes breed and what should be done to avoid their breeding in your house and surroundings.

India – Breeding ground for mosquitoes

The tropical climate of India is suitable for mosquito breeding. Along with the tropical climate comes the months of monsoon which is an advantage for the mosquitoes.

In monsoons with water being collected everywhere, mosquitoes can easily breed in the collected water. Mosquito infestation is at its peak during and post the monsoon season.

They breed in the monsoon season but are most active during the summer. The rising temperatures support reproduction and breeding.

Any place with stagnant water or unattended standing water like gutters, potholes, rainwater collection, water containers etc. is the ideal breeding ground for mosquitoes.

The awareness about mosquito infection is very less among people, especially in rural areas. They do not have knowledge about how mosquitoes breed and how they can lead to various diseases.

How to keep the mosquitoes at bay? How to get rid of mosquitoes at home?

  • Stop them from entering your house

To have a mosquito-free home, the first step you should do is to ensure no mosquitoes enter your house. Mosquitoes come out at dusk, they are nocturnal. In the evenings when the sun starts setting, close all the doors and windows of the house.

Install mosquito nets on your doors or windows if you wish to keep them open. Ensure there are no gaps or openings from where they can enter the house, seal any openings or holes if visible.

  • Stop them from breeding inside or near your house

The next step is to ensure that you keep the house and surroundings clean and there is no stagnant water lying, which can help to breed the mosquitoes.

Water collected from your AC outlet or in the wet grass or puddles of water in the garden can be a breeding ground for mosquitoes.

Mosquitoes are attracted to places like storerooms or kitchen lofts that store old things and which are usually closed and rarely used. Keep cleaning these areas regularly. Ensure the drains are covered and cleaned regularly in and around your house.

  • Use natural repellents

There are many natural repellents that can be used to keep mosquitoes at bay. Some indoor plants like marigolds, tulsi, lemongrass, mint and catnip are good insect mosquito repellant plants. Keep them inside the room or on your desks for a mosquito-free home.

You can also place lemons with cloves at corners in the house. Mosquitoes are averse to the smell of cloves or anything citrusy. Just cut a lemon into two, and push in few cloves in the halves.

Other household products like Camphor, Garlic, Coffee grounds, Lavender oil, Tea tree oil and other essential oils are also popular natural repellants for mosquitoes.

  • Professional Mosquito control services

There are many natural products in the house that can help keep mosquitoes at bay. There are many ready to use mosquito repellent sprays and creams that are readily available in the market too.

However, an established mosquito problem will require professional Mosquito pest control services to ensure the mosquito infestation is eradicated.

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