Mosquito Control Services in Mumbai

Mosquito Pest Control

Mosquitoes are notoriously known for spreading fatal and dangerous diseases like malaria, dengue, brain fever, cerebral malaria. If you are having a mosquito infestation in or around your home, office, school etc., it is an extremely unsafe situation that can also be fatal.

You need to ensure that you keep your families and people around you safe, by getting rid of mosquitoes from the premises. You will need to implement measures for mosquito control. Get in touch with Roshan Pest Control at 9372111087 for mosquito pest control solutions in Mumbai.

Our team of well-trained technicians will ensure you live in a pest-free healthy environment. We are ready to answer your all pest related queries, mail us at for more information.

Mosquito pest control

Facts About Mosquitoes

The adult female mosquitoes feed on the blood of humans, this is very important for them for producing eggs. In their nascent stages, they are found colonizing in standing, stagnant, water. The larvae grow in this stagnant water.

The adult female mosquitoes transmit many dangerous diseases when they bite and suck blood from Humans. As they move from one human to another, they transfer the diseases, making them extremely contagious.

Diseases caused by Mosquitoes

  • Malaria: Malaria is a severe disease that is caused by the parasitic infectivity of the red blood cells, causing it to be fatal at times. Malaria can be contracted by the bite of the polluted Anopheles mosquito.
  • Dengue fever: The mosquitoes which are responsible for spreading dengue fever are found in containers that hold standing water, they bite through the day, not only in the evenings like the other species of mosquito. People infected with this virus may experience high fever, severe headache, pain in the muscles and joints, rashes on the body and weakness.

Signs of Mosquito Infestation

Troubling signs of mosquito breeding in and around your houses include the constant buzzing of the female mosquitoes and their bites on your body.

People are differently affected by these bites, some may form a rash or some may see swelling and inflammation around the bite area. You can see larvae of mosquitoes lying in standing collected water around your premises.

Best Mosquito Control Services

Roshan Pest Control Services is one of the best pest control services provider in Mumbai, we offer several Mosquito control services to provide immediate relief against all stages of mosquitoes infestation on the premises.

Our expert team undertakes a scientific and integrated approach to get rid of the mosquito menace in and around the premises. The team carries out an exhaustive inspection of the premises and their surroundings to determine the number of affected areas.

A plan of action is then finalized and implemented by using a number of chemical, non-chemical and biological control methods. Our mosquito pest control services in Mumbai are aimed at getting rid of mosquitoes and making the premises mosquito-free.

Mosquito Solutions

Our team of qualified and well-trained technicians at Roshan Pest Control follow a 2 step mosquito control process

  • Indoor mosquito solution – inside individual flats and closed premises
  • Outdoor mosquito solution – open areas like society compound and common areas/

Our mosquito treatment services are aimed at attacking and destroying the mosquitoes breeding at all 4 stages. The four stages of mosquito are egg, larva, pupa and adult

  • Larvicide treatment is used to control the eggs and larva of the mosquitoes. The treatment includes spraying or sprinkling larvicide chemicals in the stagnant water and all other possible mosquito breeding spots.
  • Pupa and adult mosquitoes are controlled internally by using an indoor residual spray. The sprays include effective and approved chemicals with an active ingredient like lambda-cyhalothrin are used.
  • Fogging is carried out in the outdoor areas for the effective control of adult mosquitoes.
  • Our unique spray stops the entry of new mosquitoes into the house. The entire house including the walls, curtains, dark corners is sprayed to dissuade mosquitoes from entering and breeding in the house. The spray kills dengue mosquitoes instantly on contact

Our mosquito control solutions are aimed at providing complete protection by destroying the whole life cycle of mosquitoes.

We offer customized mosquito treatment packages and plans after conducting a thorough inspection of the premises and based on the requirements of the customer.

Benefits of our mosquito control services:

Our mosquito control treatment stops the breeding of mosquitoes and also kills eggs and larvae of mosquitoes. Hence protecting you and your family against deadly diseases like Dengue, Malaria etc.

We are the best pest control services in Mumbai, having sufficient skillset and awareness about various pest control services. We provide mosquito control services for residential and commercial properties. We offer affordable pest control services to all parts of Mumbai.

Frequently asked questions

Can pest control get rid of mosquitoes?

Yes, effective mosquito pest control services can help get rid of mosquitoes from your premises. Professional services help in eradicating the colony of mosquitoes by attacking the eggs and larvae too.

Roshan Pest Control’s mosquito treatment services are aimed at attacking and destroying the mosquitoes breeding at all 4 stages of mosquito-like egg, larva, pupa and adult

What is the best insecticide for mosquito control?

A larvicide treatment helps in controlling the growth of eggs and larva of the mosquitoes. Sprays with an active ingredient like lambda-cyhalothrin are useful in controlling the pupa and adult mosquito population. Fogging in the outdoor areas help in the effective control of adult mosquitoes.

How do I permanently get rid of mosquitoes?

Contact a professional pest control company that can offer you mosquito treatment solutions to permanently get rid of mosquitoes. Roshan Pest Control is the best mosquito pest control company in Mumbai, we can help you get rid of mosquitoes permanently.