Termite Control Services

Termite Pest Control

Termites are commonly known as white ants. They are known to destroy anything which has cellulose content like property, documents, furniture furnishings etc.

Their approach is completely silent and swift, you will not be aware of the damage until it is completely done. They feed on the inside of the wood, hence it is already late by the time you notice the damage caused to your wooden furniture. They are rightly known as “Silent Destroyers”.

They generally infest and breed in the soil, under the ground. They crawl up and reach your houses through the minute cracks and crevices which are found in the walls of the building or apartment.

termite pest control

As they start building their base in your house, they build mud channels for themselves, providing them with the required darkness and humidity for their survival. When you start noticing such tracks or mud lines on your walls, it is an indication your house has been attacked by termites.

Termite Pest Control services can help protect your property and furniture from severe damage. Roshan Pest Control is one of the best termite treatment company in Mumbai. Contact us today on 9372111087 to know more about our termite pest control services.

Types of Termites

Though there are over 2000 types of termites all across the world, they can all be classified under four heads:

  1. Dampwood Termite
  2. Drywood Termite
  3. Formosan Termite
  4. Subterraneans Termite

Termites Life Cycle

Like the ants, the termites too live in colonies, each colony may have millions of termites. Each colony has a Queen, King, Workers, Soldiers and nymphs.

A colony may consist of many egg-laying queens, each queen can lay up to 20,000 to 30,000 eggs per day. The life of a queen termite is up to 45 years. The role of a King Termite is mating. Worker Termites build the nests, collect food and take care of the nests and the stored food. The soldier termites protect the colony from an ant attack.

Our Termites Control Services

Our team of qualified and well-experienced technicians will first visit your premises and use the radar detection technology to locate the termites nested in the walls, furniture, furnishings etc. The radar technology does not cause any damage to the property structure.

The best way to treat termites is by preventing the infestation and attack of termites from the root itself. The termites are known to infest and breed in the soil.

Holes are drilled from inside the premises at each junction of the wall and the floor at an angle of 45 degrees. The insecticide is then poured into these holes to cover all the walls and floorings to provide complete termite protection.

As part of our termite control services, we use new-generation chemicals which are specially designed for termite removal. We also provide a basic clean up after the termite control service is conducted.

We at Roshan Pest Control Services also provide pre and post-construction service for termite removal and protection.

You can get in touch with us at 9372111087 or email us at roshanpestcontrol@gmail.com to book our termites control services or to know more about the termite treatment measures which we take.

Benefits of our Termite Pest Control services

Roshan Pest control is the best termite treatment company in Mumbai. We offer affordable and highly effective termites control services.

  • We offer a thorough inspection of the premises which can help save most of the internal as well as external structures of the premises. The termite helps in detecting the current status of the premises. It helps in identifying the extent of damage which helps determine an effective solution for preventing further termite infestation.
  • Our termite treatment kills the termites and stops the infestation, unlike the regular pest control which just repels the termites.
  • Our treatment is extremely effective, hassle-free and safe.
  • The chemicals used as part of our termite treatment program not only protects the infested furniture but also kills all the existing termites to prevent any future termite infestation.

We are the best pest control services in Mumbai, having sufficient skillset and awareness about various pest control services. We can provide termites control services for residential and commercial properties.

After a primary inspection of the premises, we provide a thorough treatment to get rid of the termites menace, providing a complete termites control solution. We offer affordable pest control services to all parts of Mumbai.