Like any other pest, termites are harmful to humans but unlike the others, they may not cause any serious physical harm directly or may not pose serious health risks or transmit any diseases but indirectly termites are harmful to humans.

Termites cause some health hazards but they are extremely dangerous and can cause severe damage to the house structure. In a period of 3 to 5 years, a termite colony can demolish and destroy the wooden structures in a house including all the wooden furniture. 

Are Termites Harmful to Humans?

The termites are looking for a steady source of food and hence attack the wood. Their objective is not to harm humans but they are indirectly harmful to humans.  Below mentioned are the health problems caused as the termite colony goes around attacking and eating the house.

  1. Stings and bites

Generally, termites don’t bite or sting, they are looking for food and only infest on wood. However, if a soldier termite feels threatened or attacked it can bite or sting. Termite bites are not fatal but they can cause itching, swelling and burning feeling.  The stings can be very painful particularly if you are susceptible to allergic reactions.

  1. Allergic reactions and Asthma

While building Termite nests dust and other particles are released into the air that can spread across the house through the heating or air conditioning system. These airborne particles contaminate the air and can be harmful to patients suffering from asthma or allergies.

Termite saliva and droppings are also known to cause allergic reactions in individuals with sensitive or compromised immune systems.

  1. Contact Dermatitis

Pellets are generated by termite colonies. Pellets are commonly known as frass that looks like sawdust. When human skin comes in contact with frass it can cause contact dermatitis and other allergies.

  1. Mould Spores

Mould is known to grow in dark environments where termite colonies live. When the termites bite the wood, mould is dispersed. The mould can spread in the air and can be inhaled or can land on the skin. Mould is a fungus that produces spores.

These mould spores are harmful and can cause migraine headaches, weakness, cough, sore throat, burning eyes and a runny nose. Some types of mould spores can also cause fungal infections like histoplasmosis, candida and hives.

When exposed to mould spores, asthmatic patients can develop an illness called bronchopulmonary aspergilloma. The toxic compounds released by Moulds can also cause neurological problems like memory loss.

Termite Infestations and Termite Damage

Termites can cause severe damage to the structural integrity of a house or building. The biggest termite problem faced is the impact it has on structural integrity.  Buildings or houses infested by termites can become unfit to live if they have caused severe damage to their foundations, beams and support structure. 

The termites eat the cellulose in the wood so they will attack anything made out of wood. With constant biting and crawling by the termites, the solid wood structure can become weak and brittle, making it a serious safety concern for the durability of the house. 

Termites also attack and damage the electrical wires in the house. Some type of termites like the damp-wood termites have strong jaws which can bite and chew electrical wiring or cables while searching for cellulose. The cutting of electrical wires can cause short circuits in the house, leading to a fire or dangerous electrical accidents.

Termite Control and Termite Treatment

As discussed above termites are harmful to humans and cause severe damage to the structure of the house. It is highly recommended to hire a termites pest control expert to solve the termite problem. Many people buy pesticides and try to apply them on their own to solve the termite problem in the house. 

However, treating a termite infestation without professional knowledge and experience can be harmful. The termite pesticides are not harmful to humans but they need to be handled with care and administered in a specific manner.

Many times when people try to treat their houses on their own they may fail to keep the required time gap before entering back into the house post treatment. The fumes of the pesticides may make them sick. 

Termite pest control experts use specialized termite treatments that help in eradicating the entire termite colonies and prevents them from returning.  To avoid a termite infestation from taking over your house or to ensure that you don’t already have one, schedule a termite inspection with the best pest control company today.

A professional pest control expert will ensure that appropriate chemicals are used and applied in the best way to eradicate the termite infestation.